About Us

Soundhex is not just a platform; it's a harmonious blend of innovation and passion for music, founded by Hoa Bui in 2019. Our journey began with a clear mission: to simplify the process of discovering the music you love. In a world where music enthusiasts find themselves navigating through various digital streaming platforms, each with its unique algorithms, quirks, and catalogs, Soundhex emerged as the solution to unite the best features of all major DSPs into one seamless experience.

As of 2022, Soundhex has evolved, taking a significant stride into the realm of music distribution. Our focus now extends to the distribution and legitimization of cover songs. These renditions, crafted by talented artists, generate hundreds of millions of streams daily, captivating audiences with fresh interpretations of their beloved tracks. However, the journey of ensuring fair compensation for original rightsholders can be challenging, leading to many remarkable covers being overlooked. Soundhex eliminates these barriers by ensuring your cover release reaches Spotify, YouTube, and other major streaming platforms. Additionally, we take care of registering publishing and songwriting credits to ensure that artists receive the recognition they deserve.

At Soundhex, Hoa Bui invites you to join our transformative journey, where your talent is amplified, your reach expands, and you connect with a global community of music enthusiasts. Let's celebrate the beauty and diversity of cover songs while empowering artists to achieve their dreams.

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