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When Sorrow Sang (Remastered 2007)

When Sorrow Sang (Remastered 2007)

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Genre: Metal


So let me out of it Out of the cold To bring back light and hope for all And so if I could get you in Just for a little while Into the songs of sorrow You might understand Where am I now Beyond the dawn (Where) hope's turned to dust At all Immortal love's Fooled by the hands of doom That love means death I realized too soon Caught in the afterlife I've gone too far When sorrow sang softly and sweet The air was filled with tears Full of sadness and grief When sorrow sang softly and sweet I feel like screaming But I can't breath in Shall I wane right now I will not leave this World of living Till she has said Goodbye Out in the cold I still wait for her call And her last kiss It shall be release I can't forget her Her face will not leave From the depths of my soul I long for her So I heard all about it Her voice's so clear She's woven both themes in there Moved me to tears The world shall hear this sad song Song of sorrow song of grief Can't change the way of his kind Can't change the way of her kind