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Behind Silence and Solitude

Behind Silence and Solitude

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Genre: Pop, Metal


You face me in silence and hope is in your eyes Unspoken yet pleading you wait for my reply Alone now I tremble in want of your embrace Let not tears fall for me, let me show the way Don't know why you have such belief in m To justify this I'd try eternally I will not forget what you've done for me Shed not a tear I'll be with you endlessly How I wish I could say What you want to hear Long ago I swore that I'd always keep you near I know now it seems like my vow was empty then But in time you will see I'd do it all again I lie back close my eyes again The dreams are there My last chance slipped away You'll never know I cared I count this with reason as most of my regret Now I hope you can see that I will not forget