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The Train (feat. Carla Morrison)

The Train (feat. Carla Morrison)

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Pretty face tryna chase the train And I could look the other way but it still won't erase the pain And I pray that she stay the same, amazing grace Yeah, yeah, yeah Just another reflection in the window Watchin' the trees pass by the tempo Got a round trip ticket out to limbo And I'm getting close to my kinfolk I'm sorry that you didn't get the memo Yeah, yeah, yeah Water run under bridges Always on the road tryna earn a livin' I remember when I bought my first ticket I been going haven't turned back since then This return day must be a misprint Made a wrong turn now I'm long distance And I miss them Otra cuidad, otra vida, otra, otra cuidad, ah, oh, oh, oh I try to write but every sentence is a run on I try to text you but I don't get reception in this tunnel Vision, visit only for a minute I'm gettin' off track but the world's still spinnin' You can see the smoke in the distance, it billows Roll up my sweatshirt, turn it into a pillow, aye I got a polaroid camera so I don't forget where I travel I got a couple rolls of film I'll get developed when I get back to Seattle I told momma that I'd call her, talked for a couple minutes But I didn't I miss my brother, feel disconnected Wanted to stay, wanted to catch the next one I wanted to talk just me and him Because I had some things I felt I had to tell him When you're always runnin', tryna make a connection It's almost impossible to stay connected When you get on this train after standin' in the rain You'd be crazy to ask her And give your seat to the next one, nah I'ma ride this shit till the wheels fall off The conductor screams out all aboard last call The city as you pass on, the city as you pass on Otra cuidad, otra vida, otra, otra cuidad, ah, oh, oh, oh