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Rain On Me (Intro)

Rain On Me (Intro)

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Genre: R&B


(Just rain on me) I'm sorry I didn't answer I didn't answer 'cause I was busy, what else That's why I didn't answer How about I just call you next time? Why is it that when I don't answer You think I'm with somebody else or something I don't know Can't get through, I can't get through Got me chasing you, I'm tasting you Got something I want to say to you I'm done playing games with you I'm afraid I already lost you In my car and I'm on my way to you Is that okay with you? I want to grow grey with you Have a little baby with you And just cater to you Just rain on me, I'll rain on you I'll tell you the lies now, yeah It's okay to cry now, yeah Nothing to hide now, yeah Enough of lying now, yeah Let me make it right now, yeah Dry your eyes now, yeah, yeah yeah And I'm hoping we survive now, yeah I got faith, girl, we'll be fine now, yeah True, true, true Oh yeah, yeah What I tell you at It ain't that easy, baby It ain't as easy as you make it seem oh no Hey, baby It's okay to cry, just rain on me, yeah It's okay to cry, just rain on me, yeah