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Paradise Child

Paradise Child

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Genre: R&B


CHORUS (Jimmy Cozier) When love, takes me over Its paradise When love, takes me over It's always nice VERSE Touch pon di ends And a incense, herbs and oils Scrapbook newspaper Clippings and files A view of di countryside Remind me of nine miles Where di trees are green And di people smile After few water crackers And some warm milo tea Rub massage home made Coco butter skin cream Interior design of Ights gold and green And the vibes are pure And the thoughts are clean She collect her own Dividends weekly So mi know ah no money Mek she seek me Cool me down And tie mi knotty dem neatly Draw close While whispering sweetly Mi teach her each and everytime That she link me We haffi bun A five bills bag a stinky True she roots and culture She win me I even had to Introduce her to Cindy CHORUS VERSE (Mr. Cheeks) VERSE Well I was sitting By an open fire place In my flavorite dungarees I play a few strums Upon my guitar And It sounds so good to me Big skunky blunt a blaze And plus My flavorite stooks beside me I glance over Just so I could see her But my locks got in the way Cool breeze a blow Through the weeping willow She always leave A fragrance on my pillow When I'm ready She will always follow Me to the place of My old sleepy hollow Soft silky voice is So sacred and hollow Cause out spoken noisy Streams run shallow Reach to the stars When I launch the Apollo Could a land up ah Sao Paulo CHORUS