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Artist: Cody Simpson
Genre: Pop


When I look at you It’s like a getaway I could feel the sun It’s shinin’ on my face If I’m dreaming here Don’t let me wake ‘Cause I’m in paradise Every time we kiss It’s like a crashing wave I could feel the rush What sweet escape I’m divin’ in To your embrace ‘Cause I’m in paradise When I lie with you It’s like we’re innocent Staring at the blue sky, baby (baby) I don’t want this time To ever end ‘Cause I’m in paradise Baby, let me tell you something You ain’t up on really something I just wanna ask you Can you feel it? As long as the sun is shinin’ I know you’re the light behind me Brighter and brighter and brighter baby (Come on) When I see your smile It’s like a summer breeze Blowin’ me away From reality If I’m dreaming here Just let me be ‘Cause I’m in paradise In paradise yea yea In paradise You should let me be You should let me be Paradise