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Loraine (Album Version)

Loraine (Album Version)

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Genre: Pop, Rock


Hold me Long enough to tell me What you told me Long ago Before you got to know me Only when lovers try They learn to talk it out To keep their love alive That's the only way, I say, That love survives Its time we try Chorus: Loraine Won't you show the way Hearts that bend won't break When they learn to face the truth now Show me how Loraine I know you feel the same Hold me now I don't know what to say I'm so in love with you Loraine Talk to me Isn't that the way it ought to be? But what's the use if we end up a memory Remembering our honesty I always thought that's what you want of me But now the truth has made you turn your back on me Oh, can't you see Chorus then Bridge: I've got to find a way I beg you babe I need to hear you say You love me If I have the chance I won't let you go I'll stay by your side I'll be lovin' you darlin' And for all of my life I will let you know You're my only love Just believe in me darlin' Look in my eyes I swear this is true I you want it You got it I promise you Loraine Repeat Chorus to fade I swear I love you I always will This kind of feeling never came to me until Loraine