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Artist: Gojira
Genre: Metal


Serpent of light, movement of the soul Crawling stately along the spine Mighty phoenix from the ashes arises Firebird cycle, life, regenerate the cell Life burns fierce, reduced to ashes Resurrection from the flame, ageless process Quest for absolution, out of bounds introspect Self-consuming womb, ever present, meet no end It seems like I always knew this Since I'm a child I can feel it My inner light everlasting Revolving within a circle Extended wings I'm flying Over the valleys and planes The curve of space I'm leaving Death is just an illusion Oroborus symbol of eternal life Dig a tunnel for light through ignorant walls I'm counting the days but I'm dying Grow up with impatience, I'm falling down On the peaks of radiant mountains This truth is growing before me My attention fixed on the silence Rediscover life while I'm breathing Designing the shape of material Frozen icon distant reminder Mankind has forgotten the gateways By the mouth of the serpent regenerate