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The Silver Sister

The Silver Sister

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Artist: Eluveitie
Genre: Metal


The silvern light - a stannite glow The primal night - of the darkened vault Under the welkin dark Solemn chants will soar The immemorial Songs of the wise To declare the rise Of the night-born Of glinting dew And susurrant winds Of a vibrant dawn Long foreshown And your pristine face Pours down crystal rays Caressed by your velvet touch As we dance through the night One last silver kiss As the ancient song falls silent The wolves from Antumnos Come bearing heritage divine In stannic pearls - the light pours Over the rock-grey coats of the proud Your radiance crystalline Heralds the ancient words Resounding high and clear From the otherworld In this night we dance Glory to the nameless one Atir aissom atir imon One last silver kiss before the last string decays