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Nine Summers

Nine Summers

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Genre: Rock, Metal


Misery, I wanted to forget you But five years later I have grown I have regret You were better deserved. But we all learn Hands to broken mirrors, we shattered our design You were always so easy for me, to leave in ruins Those nine summers we burned together Were disparate and beautiful Strange our thoughts can take us And I can still feel the warmth Coursing through lungs. Escaping in my thoughts Our hands, to broken mirrors, we shattered I hope that this letter finds you in drift Provokes shared memories and you accept my apology I was young and constantly desolate A spinning picture of grey skies I'm holding nothing back My thoughts provoked this heart attack And tonight I go on display to the world But we silently know, this is between you and I I hope this letter finds you in drift I hope this finds you in drift