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Could This Be Love

Could This Be Love

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Artist: Toto
Genre: Pop, Rock


There was a young girl Ridin' on the wind She had all of the answers Didn't need to pretend I remember - she was the only friend I ever needed Now I wonder How to work it all out My hands are tremblin' I've got this feelin' now [Bridge:] There's a bit of thunder Pounding in my heart A little uncertainty That's been there from the start Don't tell me all the look you gave Were the ones that I misread 'Cause all I hear now Is a voice inside my head [Chorus:] Could this be love That I hear calling Could this be love That I hear calling Got a fast education Holding you in tears Someone finally hurt you After all these years Got to get my message to you somehow Now you're lookin' in my eyes for courage Too late to think this through Baby There must be somethinbg we can do [Bridge] [Chorus] [Bridge] [Repeat Chorus]