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Meet the Burds (Interlude)

Meet the Burds (Interlude)

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Artist: Lil Dicky


“Hello?’ “Hi, any better out here?” “Yeah, much better, yeah.” “Buenos noches.” "You’re back from Machu Pichu and you’re speaking Spanish?” “It’s ‘buenas tardes’.” “So how’s Dave Burd doing?" “Ah, he’s alright, you know. Taking it one day at a time.” “Um…” "Well, wait, can we hear… say a little bit more about what that means?" "Uh, yeah, I mean, I’m here in LA, I just moved here, obviously.” "Wait, wait, wait, we’re still having trouble. Maybe you should try calling him back, Jean." "He’s got bad reception where he is is the problem." "Can you hear me?" "Is that it?" "Can you hear me?" "Yes, now I can. Yep." "Alright." "No, now we can’t." "Wait, Stewart, let him talk. Go ahead." "What do you mean “You can’t”? Why can’t… You can’t hear me?" "Yes. We can, go ahead." "Did you see that commercial for Anchorman 2?" "Which one? There’s plenty of commercials." 'Ok, Stewart, let him talk about what’s going on with him." “Alright, go ahead."