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So, you right Yeah, Gunner Ayy, ready to die But I can't I'm too alive Should've killed me when they tried Couldn't see me in the skies When you camouflaged, eating Pad Thai, hahaha I don't get regular high (nah) I ain't no regular guy (no) I think I want the entire planet, you can keep the American Pie (hey) And you know I never lie I kept the same number (ahah) So when you call me (what?) I pick up and say, 'Fuck you' (Damn) And I say it to your face bitch, you can run and tell it to the clique (clique) Two nines in the waist (ayy) My gun and my dick Watch, I put it in reverse Put that pussy in a hearse Watch me murder with a verse Put these rappers in the dirt Mirror, mirror on the wall Who's the realest of 'em all? (who?) You already know the answer Top Gun, fuck 'em all (ayy) Y'all got ulterior motives (motives) My interior designer put them cameras all around So let me find out you creeping, I come and split your shit like Moses My exterior is frozen I'm from Cleveland we the coldest So it's no coincidence that when you try to take a pic It's too much ice for you to focus (ugh) Riding shotty 'cause I got to roll this dope, it's a fast road (skrrt) (Get off me) She got body, she look like a centerfold and her ass swole (she got it, she got it, ayy), yeah Feel like Gotti how I pull up on your block smoking Castro (skrrt) Ayy, never hesitate to say it to your face, I'm a asshole (ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy) Riding shotty 'cause I got to roll this dope, it's a fast road (skrrt)