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Kidnap The Sandy Claws (Album Version)

Kidnap The Sandy Claws (Album Version)

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Artist: Korn


Lalalalalala Lalalalala Lalalalalala Lalalalala Kidnap the Sandy Claws Lock him up real tight Throw away the key and then Turn off all the lights First we're going to set some bait Inside a nasty trap and wait When he comes a-sniffing We will snap the trap and close the gate Wait, I've got a better plan To catch this big red lobster man We'll pop him in a boiling pot And when he's done we'll butter him up Kidnap the Sandy Claws Throw him in a pot Leave him there for ninety years Then see if he talks But Mr. Ogey Bogey Man Can take the holding over then He'll be so pleased, I do declare That he will cook him rare I say that we take a canon Aim it at his door and then Knock three times, and when he answers Sandy Claws will be no more Your so stupid now If blow him up to smithereens We may loose some pieces And then Jack will be Kidnap the Sandy Claws Tie him in a bag Throw him in the ocean then See what makes him sad Because Mr. Ogey Bogey