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Artist: Korn


Here I am different in this normal world Why did you tease me? Made me feel upset Fucking stereotypes feeding their heads I am ugly. Please just go away I can see inside you fine This blessing in disguise Why you treat me this way? Make the hate stay A cell locked, I can never see no escape All the laughing, all the pain If you were me, what would you do? Nothing, probably. You'd just go on your way Fagot! I'm just a pretty boy, whatever you call it You wouldn't know a real man if you saw it It keeps going on day after day, son You fake, if you don't want none I'm sick and tired of people treating me this way everyday Who gives a fuck right now I got something to say to all the people That think I'm strange and I should be out of here locked up in a cage You don't know what the hell is up now anyway You got this pretty-boy feeling like I'm enslaved to a world that Never appreciated shit You can suck my dick and fucking like it! Hear my gun, but he has a body mighty Any say, anyway, going to say, anyway, any say, Going away, going to say, anyway I'm just a pretty boy, I'm not supposed to fuck a girl I'm just a pretty boy, living in this fucked up world All my life, who am I?! I'm just a fagot! Fagot! I'm a fagot! Fagot! I'm not a fagot! (Or am I?) Fagot! You motherfucking queers!