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Always This Way

Always This Way

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I'd like to say that I could've stayed But she didn't want me to I'd like to know if she had to go Or if she made a point to It's so hard to say "Is it always this way?" Must every heart break Like a wave on the bay Like to think that we're all a link in What makes the world go round Lately I wonder if all my pondering Is taken up too much ground I make my own way So at the end of the day At least I can say That my debts have been paid Twenty five years, nothing to show for it Nothing of any weight Twenty five more, will I never learn from it Never learn from my mistakes It's too soon to say "Was I always this way?" Well at the end of the day My debts have been paid Now she's gone and I'm all alone and She will not be replaced Stare at the phone, try to carry on but But I have made my mistake At the end of the day At least I can say I made my own way And my debts have been paid