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Young Black America (feat. The-Dream)

Young Black America (feat. The-Dream)

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Artist: Meek Mill


Yeah, I was on that corner, tryna get my coins up Coppers run up on us and we turn to Jackie Joyner White man kill a black man, they never report us Black man kill a white man, they gon' start a war up Mama she was sour, sippin' on the Absolut Young niggas brainwashed, they just wanna rap and hoop Could've been a lawyer until they came and shackled you Felons on your records so them jobs ain't gettin' back at you Them kids ain't eat yet, so you can't even sleep yet That's the only thing we ever saw, we repeat that They was playing ball, fouled him hard, said I'd be back Broad day, threw his life away, soon as he clapped Gave that boy a life sentence, made his mama relapse Damn, they don't understand Comin' from the bottom, it's so hard to make a plan Know them kids beefin', they let it get out of hand OGs never told us nothin' in advance Young niggas killing young niggas, shit is like the Klan, I said Told my young nigga, "You the man," I said You don't wanna end up like my man Ahmed Praying five times a day, prostration on his head Screamin' "Insha'Allah" that he don't make it to the feds Caught up in the system, visit from his sister Talkin' 'bout all these niggas, how they ain't even with him Said that they would ride or die, but it ain't even in 'em Always postin' on the 'Gram, but hey ain't sendin' pictures Never answer when you call, but answer for them bitches Got you thinking twice, damn I should've been a witness Dismantle my business, just telling my story All guts, no glory, been going on before me We slaves in the Forties, still slaves in the present No toys for Christmas, ain't get us no presents Only made us evil, made us hungry, made us desperate Youngin' in the ninth grade, he got a Smith and Wesson Grew up with the goons, now he need protection He dropped outta school, then he got arrested Lord with a blessing, I just hope he learned his lesson They told us, if we go to jail, we would be respected They told us, if we make a sale, we would run a check in Threw a rock out in that field, he got intercepted He stumbled, he fumbled, y'all niggas just rumble They told you to hustle, them niggas don't love you Young black American (na na) Wanna live like the fairer skin (na na) Fall to the paradigm (na na) Occupied on that Marilyn (na na) The prophecies of the wild nigga, no church My uncles said stop bitching nigga, no skirts It's kinda crazy there's another world on the other side of town Pastor rollin' up in that Rolls Pullin' up in that Holy Ghost Preaching, while niggas dying by the Bible code The destruction, the hate The obstruction of my faith My prayers, my faith Will never be the same Young black America Young black America Young black America Young black America Young black America Young black America Young black America Young black America Young black America Young black America Young black America Young black America