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Why Do People Lie

Why Do People Lie

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Genre: Pop, Rock


Why do people lie? Lying only breaks their hearts And tears their lives apart Making them cry Tell me why Even if I try Even if I lie to little babe I know she'll never leave me She'll stay by my side Tell me why do the people say She ain't loving you anyway So while you keep believing it brother She'll keep making her time Right before your eyes Tell me why they gotta lie [Chorus x2] When I looked I had to look again In my eyes a revelation In her arms the fascination Of a friend Now I let them know When people say I told you so I say, learning don't come easy, baby I've been making like a fool Tell me why Why is it true? Why? Tell me why do people lie? Tell me why Why do they lie? Oh, why do they lie? Tell me, tell me why Why do people lie to me Somebody here is lying to me I just don't know whether to believe them Whether to give them an account To form a doubt, don't want to be counted out Follow your heart babe Follow your heart yeah Follow your heart right on Follow your heart