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Victory Lap (feat. Stacy Barthe)

Victory Lap (feat. Stacy Barthe)

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Woah oh, woah oh, woah oh Like the beginning of "Mean Streets" (oh) Like the beginning of "Mean Streets" Like the beginning of "Mean Streets" I'm prolific, so gifted I'm the type that's gon' go get it, no kidding Breaking down a Swisher in front of yo' building Sitting on the steps feeling no feelings Last night, it was cold killing You gotta keep the devil in his hole, nigga But you know how it go, nigga I'm front line every time it's on, nigga Hunnit proof flow, run and shoot pro 458 drop, playing Bullet Proof Soul Every few shows I just buy some new gold Circle got smaller, everybody can't go Downtown diamond district, jewelers like "Yo, Hussle holler at me, I got Cubans on the low" Flew to Cancun, smoking Cubans on the boat And docked at Tulum just to smoke Look, listening to music at the Mayan Ruins True devotion on the bluest ocean, cruising My cultural influence even rival Lucien I'm integrated vertically, y'all niggas blew it They tell me, "Hussle dumb it down, you might confuse 'em" This ain't that weirdo rap y'all motherfuckers used to I'm a urban legend, South Central in a certain section Can't express how I curbed detectives Guess it's, evidence of a divine presence Blessings, help me out at times I seem reckless F it, he got a L, but got an E for effort Stretched it, dropped him off in the Mojave desert then left him Ain't no answer to these trick questions Money making Nip, straighten out my jewelry on my bitch dresser Well known, flick up and jail pose Snatching champagne bottles from Ricos 'til T show Whatever, nigga, we playing chess not checkers, nigga Thirty-eight special for you clever niggas See bro, if you ain't live and die by the street codes Been through all these motions, up and down like a seesaw I can never view you as my equal Fuck I want to hear your CD for? (Woah) like the beginning of "Mean Streets" Like the beginning of "Mean Streets" (Woah) like the beginning of "Mean Streets" Like the beginning of "Mean Streets" (Woah) like the beginning of "Mean Streets" Like the beginning of "Mean Streets" (We gotta make it) like the beginning of "Mean Streets" Yeah, look I'm finna take it there This time around I'ma make it clear Spoke some things into the universe and they appeared I say it's worth it, I won't say it's fair Find your purpose or you wasting air Fuck it though, y'all niggas scared Eyes opened, I can see it clear They don't make 'em bar none They don't make 'em real They don't make it where I'm from They don't take it here They don't see in due time, I be making mil's Bossed up in this game, I been making deals Get your lawyer on the phone, we can make it real I got checks and balance I flex dramatic, other fifty on my neck, just my reckless habit Ain't no pussy on my rep, disrespect a savage I make one phone call and the rest get handled This just another front step with candles Lil' message from the set, we accept your challenge Woah oh, woah oh, woah oh Woah, woah We can Yeah we gotta We gotta make Oh, we gotta make it We gotta make it Victory Lap