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Trina Moe

Trina Moe

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Artist: DMX
Genre: R&B


WHAT! UHH! WHAT! C'MON! [HOOK:] AYO! Bounce to that Trina Moe Niggas about to blow Bouncin straight out the door Here we go, here we go [Verse 1] Bloodline, scratch all day, match all weight Only dogs eatin is us we snatch all plates Err, ERR! ERR! Get him boy Click, click, pop the leash, hit him boy Niggas brag about waggin, we stop the tails X drop an album, niggas droppin sales Niggas can't fuck with the dog, forget about it Money went up against the dog, read about it Man listen, you cats better walk easy I'm on some positive shit but I still walk greasy ain't nothin changed, still ain't sweet stand on one block, but I own the whole street and on the whole street is dirty niggas wit funny moves leavin your house with bloody boots, we cruddy dudes rest of them ass kissers, is sensitive ass niggas fourth album, and I still get in that ass nigga [HOOK 2X] [Verse 2] It's Dark and Hell is Hot, Flesh of my Flesh, Blood of my Blood And Then There Was X Got niggas like what's next and then Hit 'em again, you cats ain't never gon' win I was here before most of y'all careers were born I'll be here when y'all careers are gone, still strong Difference between right and wrong is me Niggas talk shit, but you can't MC we already know how much your watch is worth talk about, helpin the hurt, savin the church won't you brag about helpin out where you come from and give brothers a job that really want one gotta think about that shit you said, you don't mean it I done listened to that shit you said, but I done seen it most of you cats is type funny but when it comes time to feed the hungry, gon get type ugly [HOOK 2X] [Verse 3] man I'm already knowin, like y'all niggas is knowin you can't fuck with dog, bust a cap, scrap or flowin, WHAT! seein is believin and well, let's just see I ain't even gon' speak, one million the first week aight, let's ask the streets, how many sold? WHAT? Three niggas, three months to go gold? c'mon esse, keep it real holmes you fuckin with the dog, you already know this ain't nothin new, fuck is you mad at 15 million, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah rest assured, I'm best abroad you can test Billboard, 'cause the, rest are frauds I got 18 years under my belt, rappin let me see, you was three, I was, makin it happen next time we bump heads don't be hard headed show some motherfuckin respect bitch, or you'll all get it [HOOK 2X]