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Too Bad Mind

Too Bad Mind

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Artist: Gyptian
Genre: Reggae


Yeh yeh Sta na na na na woowooooee Yeh yeh yeh yeh yeh yehh Ho ha ha ha hi [Chorus] A she these are some serious times All I can see around us is just violence and crime Full time for us to centralize, socialize and realize Let the sun shine throughout everyday Let the moon shine through the peaceful night This is seven times rise And seven times fall But I don't really believe in any falling things at all cause life continues as it goes If you really want to know the truth Half the truth isn't been told No no no no no nooo [Chorus] Seh! Sometimes you think its peace and safety It could be a fast sudden destruction Said when you wake up this morning You better give thanks Cause you don't know if you gonna live To see tomorrow Life is much more precious than gold Yeh! Yeh! and if the truth hasn't been told So I say! [Chorus] Sit on the corner Watch how you a hang out on the corner A staright drive by mi she a gwaan pan di corner On the corner the youths dem really naw hold nuh order A stray dem go stray and left the border Cause a domino them she dem gone out deh gone play And den car come in and shot start to spray All the innocent lives get taken away So I say (repeat chorus)