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To The Stage (Bare Remix)

To The Stage (Bare Remix)

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Genre: Electro


I'm out the door, I'm on my ass again like every night before I'm off the wall, out of my fucking mind, I'm out of control I'll be the end of her, I'm in her head and in control She's let me in, now take a sip and let the show begin The floor's all yours, the house is full You've made the slip now take the fall I pull your strings, you're too deep in So will she sink or swim Oh she's drown, how very spectacular What a works of art I've spawned Man am I proud of myself on this one She's such a fucking masterpiece Self destruction is such a pretty little thing I know that I should walk away But I can't bring myself to quit this game She's just a beautiful girl with the weight of the world on her shoulders I'm just a kick in the teeth from a world that's painted gold She's out the door, she's on her ass again like every night before She's off the wall, out of her fucking mind, she's out of control I was the end of her In her head, in control Just like before I should've told you again That I'm sorry I'm so sorry