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The Somber Lay

The Somber Lay

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Artist: Eluveitie
Genre: Metal


A murky presage roaming the land To silence the skylarks chant The somber kiss is at hand To impart the crimson robe Heed the darksome maid Dancing across this equinox To relegate persistence As the bleak darkness grows A cryptal impellent, devoted to the sublime round Beholden for the boons of light Retreating into quietness We harken the somber lay We sing the somber lay Close your eyes and heed and vide Then you shall see The sphere revolves as it's promised Flames flickering deftly To banish the nipping air The dark time is at hand Lighted by bardic chant Heed the darksome maid To enwrap all in bleakness A dark veil o'silence As quiet insight buds Darkness roaming the land Long dead the skylarks chant The dark vis usurped command To impart the sallow robe Sure a new light will come The lifewheel is rotating onward Given is the promise Thus assertive we wear on