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The Siege

The Siege

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Artist: Eluveitie
Genre: Metal


Scorched earth we left A barren land of ash Our fatherland laid waste Be the void our fucking monument At a leaden dawn At this ominous morn Pila loomed on the horizon Talons of the wolverine Exanimate legions formed At the very gates of Avaricum Believed invulnerable This calling wall But straight out of nowhere Before our eyes this godsdawn bane arose Thus Avaricum burns Under a dead sky Avaricum drowns In blood and demise Siege towers emerged Protruding from the ground Standing out against the threatening sky As if to mock all valiantness Face to face with an eye-levelled enemy Serried roman ranks Embattled upon our hold Cut off and trapped inside As the carnage was at hand As the creak of the winches extolled our doom The slaughter befell Avaricum Dead suffused the oppidum Left to pillage, sack and rape Avaricum the brave became Avaricum the grave