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The Negative

The Negative

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Artist: Keala Settle


Jenna, time to pee on a stick Wh-? I don't wanna know Come on honey, you've waited long enough Get to it and do it Wh- okay, girls! Enough You know what we mean I hope you drank enough this morning Come on, sweetie, it's better to know We'll be right here with you, so It's no or it's yes But either way you gotta take the test A squat and a squeeze A prayer and a please It's nothing A stick and a line Just one of 'em, if I'm lucky A pot and a piss Here we go, sis And we'll keep our focus on The negative! Read the instructions English! Do not insert the test stick into your vagina Wow, thank you, Dawn! How's I ever get myself in this mess? One drunk night in that stupid red dress Oh, I love that red dress! The way it sparkles, it looks like an ice skating outfit Stay with us, Dawn Maybe his machinery is broken somehow? What if his boys don't swim?! I mean, wow, miraculous luck Yeah, miraculous To get away with an unprotected f- Funny how one night can ruin your whole life Don't go there yet, we don't know what the test says I'm already panicked Just calm down, goddammit Maybe it'll all be fine Maybe there'll be just one line Come on, negative I thought you don't sleep much with you husband much anymore? Well, I - he got me drunk, I do stupid things when I drink, like sleep with my husband Honey, we've all made that mistake Focus on the negative This will all be alright It was only one night Someone send me a sign One line, one line That means the test is ready This is it Shit