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The Kids Are Back (Remastered)

The Kids Are Back (Remastered)

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Genre: Rock, Hard Rock


We walk the streets in tattered armies We got the lion in our heart We're not lookin' for trouble, just for some fun But we're all ready if you want to start CHORUS: So, just remember the The kids are back The kids are back Oh, watch out The kids are back Well, can you blame us for living our dreams? Just look around and you'll see why We don't want to follow that same routine Maybe it's for nothin', but we gotta try REPEAT CHORUS Look out Solo - Eddie Now there's no problem, no need to fuss We ain't out to stop your fun Don't mind us askin', 'cause we gotta know How can we stop it when you're havin' none? REPEAT CHORUS (twice) The kids are back The kids are back The kids are back