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The Fear Of Being Alone

The Fear Of Being Alone

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Genre: Country


We ordered up one more bottle of wine You told me your story and I thought about mine You said when you lost her you lost everything It all started having a familiar ring So I asked you to take me some place quiet We wound up at the river for the rest of the night Somewhere around the break of day I could hear it coming from a mile away So don't say that word Not the one we both heard too much You may think you do but you don't It's just the fear of being alone Reckless hearts can clear a path Wider than a hurricane's aftermath We've both traveled down that road Where in the name of love anything goes Like a child in the night With no one to hold you And tell you everything's gonna be all right I must admit it's been fun But that's no reason to jump the gun If this is real time will tell So let me bite my tongue and remind myself