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The Devil Is In The Details

The Devil Is In The Details

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Just relax And enjoy this pleasant adventure Here you are, secure and protected In this, your special place Letting my voice flow into your mind You don't need to concentrate Just gently as you go Suggestions are going into your unconscious mind Open yourself up to the greater wisdom and understanding So now you're letting the sound of my voice reach the inner Healthy, receptive center of yourself See yourself now, in your imagination You are being transformed in a positive Healthy way Slowly you are programming your unconscious mind Gaining new insight to your directions in the future Allow yourself to be more aware of your pathway through this life Enjoy new opportunities As the days go by You will feel it in your mind You are allowing this to happen These things are happening day-by-day Just as I am telling you they're happening Wherever you are See this happening And trying to become a part of you More and more rapidly More and more surely More and more powerfully each day When it is necessary You can program yourself And be able to dream the information you require This awareness will come gradually at your own rate It will never be more than you can cope with This guidance will help show you the way This will only happen If you choose It will be so Ready, now