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Tattered Banners And Bloody Flags

Tattered Banners And Bloody Flags

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Artist: Amon Amarth
Genre: Metal


There comes Lopt, the treacherous Lusting for revenge He leads the legions of the dead Towards the Aesir's realm They march in full battle dress With faces grim and pale Tattered banners and bloody flags Rusty spears and blades Cries ring out, loud and harsh From cracked and broken horns Long forgotten battle cries In strange and foreign tongues Spear and sword clash rhythmically Against the broken shields they beat They bring their hate and anarchy Onto Vigrid's battlefield There comes Lopt, the treacherous He stands against the gods His army grim and ravenous Lusting for their blood [Chorus] Nowhere is longer safe The earth moves under our feet The great world tree Yggorasil Trembles to its roots Sons of muspel gird the field Behind them Midgaard burns Hrym's horde march from Nifelheim And the Fenris wolf returns Heimdal grips the Giallarhorn He sounds that dreaded note Oden rides to quest the Norns But their web is torn The Aesir rides out to war With armor shining bright Followed by the Einherjer See valkyries ride [Chorus]