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Stop Snitchin'

Stop Snitchin'

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Artist: Ice Cube


[Ice Cube] Ice Cube (yeah!) Callin' from a California state penitentiary (Let me out this motherfucker) We got over two million motherfuckers locked up (Let me out this motherfucker) Stop snitchin' Now how many MC's must get booed Before somebody say don't fuck with Cube (you know!) I'll strip you nude (butt-ass) in your living room Face down, paralyzed from the waist down I'm a buckin' clown, but don't fuck around Doin' movies now, but I'll lay you down South Central style, pull them thangs out Don't make a millionaire have to send you there You know the story of the tortoise nigga and the hare Nigga run nigga run never get there I'ma walk, fuck a bitch when I get there Nigga this a marathon, ask Farrakhan Fuck the cemetery that I'm buried on (fuck 'em) The blood of Ice Cube got to carry on (forever) Forever what the fuck are they yellin'? "Gangsta Gangsta," nigga stop tellin' stop snitchin' [Chorus] You can have whatever you want In the hood, it's do's and don'ts So when it get hot in this kitchen Stop snitchin', nigga stop snitchin' [Ice Cube] Microphone master, super rhyme maker Gun blaster, who's the life taker (who?) Who the fuck is a lifetime Laker? I slap the Maybeline off Tammy Faye Baker Who the fuck got more than an acre? In Los Angeles I got to have paper I'm a nigga, don't talk to my neighbors Straight asshole, always up in Vegas (yay yay) Lay it out for these niggas to follow Get the point, but these points is hollow Now this here, is hard to swallow But if you do it's like hittin' the lotto Little nigga with big bravado Hit the throttle niggas hit the bottle Can give a fuck if they life is hollow Where the fuck was you, when I rocked the Apollo, bitch? Ay, who put this thing together? Me, that's who Who I trust? Who I trust? me, thats who! Nigga nigga nigga, can't you see Somehow your words incarcerate me Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee Lock me up in my prime, Muhammad Ali Get out whoop yo' ass like Muhammad Ali Rumble in the Jungle, nigga don't play Dumbo In the hood nigga known as Columbo Get the people on the phone, tell the jumble Spit fluid and swear he didn't do it Got my bottom bitch locked up with Martha Stewart She say she had the hoe cookin' deep dish She say Martha fuckin' cook fish and eat fish Westside y'all niggas got to peep this That's your weakness, can't keep a secret Don't say shit, boy that's basic They want to send a nigga back to the slave ship Stop snitchin [Chorus] You can have whatever you choose But out here, it's don'ts and do's So after we finish this mission Stop snitchin', nigga stop snitchin' OK, OK [Swizz Beatz: Repeat: x4] One two, in the place to be You rockin' with Ice Cube, and the homey Swizz Beatz Keep your fuckin' mouth shut man