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Spread Love (Album Version)

Spread Love (Album Version)

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Artist: Mobb Deep


Prodigy: First of all, we the one and only Infamous Havoc: Everybody wanna use the name Soundin' all lame Prodigy: We come up in the party with them shanks and things Havoc: Have you curled up on the floor Feelin' the pain Prodigy: And nine times out ten we ain't even start the shit We finish it Then they wanna press charges Havoc: Plus everybody and their mother wanna act tough 'Till they discover how fast a nigga leave them under white covers Prodigy: Was a thumper Till he met the 40 thunder Havoc: Now I feel strange when I walk by his mother It's fucked up Prodigy: That's how the ball bounce Havoc: The cookie crumbles Prodigy: That's what the guns do Dead you On the humble Havoc: But god fogive me niggas tryin to hit me What I'm supposed to do You talk about my life And a nigga got a lot to loose Prodigy: So I Tuck the heaters Then proceed to move We a mob for real You an example (Chorus) You should spread love not war Cause my shit is poppin And I'd be god damned if you shot me You need to spread love not war Cause you wont feel safe Comin out your crib, knowin that we got beef You should spread love not war Just think about your kids How they need you alive for they're guidance You need to spread love not war Cause death hurts whole families Imagine it's your moms that grieves (Havoc) Two in the neck Yes you will, if you not feelin me yet Outta respect Can't stand it man, you niggas is set Sweatin hard ain't do shit But run your list When a nigga get confronted All he do is take the fifth Not the long, talk about the four Niggas is raw You ain't know, now you know Leakin down on the floor Never a need for my words Believe what you heard Never flash a gat and go bust it That shit is absurd Cause I be right back To my brother say word You got to drive, no doubt I cock it bein tougher for herbs Cause the Plot is power An I do it for hours Won't save me for a minute Till I move on you cowards Direct Drama to us Infamous be the ones and we rowdy Million dollar ballad Make an album, get classes (Chorus) (Prodigy) Look around your surrounded by the M-O-B B-D-E-E-P Infamous niggas rep Queensbridge housing P's My dunns come through with the big long chains Plus we got bullets, to blow your brains Niggas learn when they feel the pain Know what I'm sayin? Straight like that Standin ovation with max We clap niggas for less Splash niggas for laughs Shift the game Raise your odds I need 93 thousand for 16 bars Put out the movie, the hoods rush the stores 700 thousand from out the doors We the most thorough Need I say more? The hoes love the morgue Cause we so raw Handcuff you whore When P come through the scene Glowin like a black light on white clothing (Chorus 2x) You should spread love not war Cause my shit is poppin And I'd be god damned if you shot me You need to spread love not war Cause I don't give a fuck (echoing) You should spread love not war