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Sports Day

Sports Day

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Artist: Busy Signal


Gyal mi like it Me like when ya ride and bubble And tip pon yo toe Gyal mi like it To how the something sweet Shi a sing in a waan different language Sing for me, sing for me Talk to mi gyal Mi love how ya bounce Talk to mi gyal Love weh yo do mi gyal Yuh full a style no other like yuh mi gyal Sexy pose yuh nuh cat walk to mi gyal Nuh pop down yuh nuh dead like a funeral Mi love when the gyal dem a brace And a bounce, and a bubble, and a wine when shi ride it Full a shape, full a style, full a curve And the gyal dem pretty and sexy cyaa hide it The way yuh a wine mi gyal yo full a energy My girl yo full a energy Seh yuh no boring mi gyal yo full a energy Gwaan bubble wid the energy Bum flick, bum flick, my girl mi know yo fit Make di waistline tic pon the toe Start tic, jump in, jump out like a Chinese skip Then yo wine and split, stuck Sing for me, sing for me Hey, gimmi a bounce because shi stout in a the door way Gyal dem waan mi perform a dem sports day In a the middle a the road a the fore way Gyal dem a dance routine like a sports day Nuff gyal from foreign all bout Wa waan fi find mi suh dem tek the airport way Sexy girls all over Jamaica Kingston to Westmoreland the North Coast way Talk to me, talk to me Talk to me Sports day gyal Ready fih dance mi say wine lemme see it Yuh kno she do it in di middle of da street Hop on mi shoulder, my eyes of defeat Show mi yuh Instagram, so yuh a tweet it Mi gyal, yuh know say ya likkle and little Yuh full a shapes, and mi gots ta Come here and sit gyal now, you know whats underneath ya I say mi greet ya Talk to me, talk to me Talk to me gyal Mi love how ya bounce