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Split Your Infinities

Split Your Infinities

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The FEMA plans to imprison American citizens have generated A lot of interest around the country In locating the potential prison camps throughout the country These may be facilities currently being used as prisons Such as those you saw earlier, or prisons that are being built Supposedly in the name of the war on drugs Or, facilities that have other uses But could quickly be used to detain large numbers of people Such as this Amtrak facility in Beech Grove, Indiana We're standing now in the main parking lot Which doesn't look too sinister At this level it is a very large parking lot Fenced on all sides by fence topped by barbed wire It also has these electronically operated turnstiles There is also a surveillance camera just like we saw at the FEMA facility Pointing out to the parking lot, and a helicopter windsock All of these apparent security measures are particularly unusual here Because this is a very low-crime area And this facility is nothing but An old train repair station with nothing in it worth stealing