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Space Time

Space Time

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Artist: Gojira
Genre: Metal


I fix my attention on this ball Spinning round inside of me, deep inside Revolving conscious planet On an axis around this star By the light And the black holes in the vault of heaven Make me wonder, wonder why How matter can disappear Are there doors in this wall to reach the light From time and space Now I see those mounts of fear Feel the weight of nonsense killing simplicity I can touch this wind of night That erases our light and makes us paranoiac But my legs are now so tired Climbing all alone, all space, and all the time So I fix my attention now On this perfect planet revolving around this star And the sun, it seems so close I can touch the heat of presence and I know... I can see this monster light That embraces those notions : space and time The black holes in the sky, I ask the reasons why Light blackened? Door opened? Swim back time, door giving entrance to Supernova as only light Meet the earth and all the stars The entrance, the essence, supply us