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Side EFX

Side EFX

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Artist: Gucci Mane


Southside on the track Yeah I pop a whatcha-ma-call-it, but it got side-effects Dick rock hard like a mouth test Hit it from the side, that's a side-effect I'm a Zone 6 nigga, now you're my bitch Slurpin' up the drank and it got side-effects Shit expensive, bitch, you thirsty like a cactus Tried to DM a bad bitch, but he got catfished Doin' editin', turns out she's just a fat bitch Tryna keep her with the Wop, but it got side-effects He filin' bankrupt, turned up on the internet He leseaed the Wraith, he deficient on his taxes Thought he was trappin', where the cash at, you stashed it I'm El Gato, front door, but it got side-effects My dough defy the laws of science, I'm a scientist I put a ki in my rerock machine and press it It came from Tijuana but I had to stretch it Cartel affiliations, man, they causin' side-effects I'm talkin' pull up the plug in a private jet I'm talkin' numbers so low, it got me cheesin' Blowin' numbers like trees, Big Meechin' I'm droppin' good game on your big peaches I just scope-tracked the trailer, free reefer Side-effects strike first, Grim Reaper Desert Eagle, .45, street-sweeper Like Gucci really see dead people I mean really man, I see dead people Body found, don't make it a sequel Side-effect, me an' you are not equal Growin' up, I did shit so evil Yesterday, half a mil' for two features Niggas warin' in the streets, we ain't equal If I get caught, I see no evil A side-effect, I bought a brick and two Beepers How you snitchin' on a nigga that feed ya A side-effect, get rich, they turn evil Is that a car, is that a plane? No, that's a creature Wop