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Shit Can Happen

Shit Can Happen

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Artist: D12


Bitch Yeah [Chorus 1: x8] Shit can happen [Kon Artis] Yo, yo, huh, yo, yo, yo That's right motherfuckers we back Same slanging, orangatangin, wilding out on hoodrats They say I act like I'm too famous to say hi And tell 'em what my name is but really I'm still nameless, You niggas don't get it yet do you Dealing out platinum or flop I still put it through you Wit a luger that'll spit fire And hit higher than a pitch by a bitch like Mariah You think for one second since we got a deal That we won't deal wit you in front of St Andrew's still? You gay rappers better learn that I won't stop until I see 'em turn back If you don't slow that roll you got You goin' see these Runyan Ave. niggas that really need some Prozac For sure that, ask the others But gator lay you down next to your mother's mother's grandmother [Kuniva] You know I'm feeling real rowdy tonight Ready to fight and half the niggas I give dap to I don't even like The same cat who never gave a damn about your name I gives a fuck about it like the next selling Clippers' game I kill you in ways you couldn't even fathom You and your madame, it's really unexplainable how I have 'em Who call they self screaming about a challenge Nigga we got a gift while you barely making it off mere talent My skills are deeply embedded even your hoe said it She was knock kneed I fucked her now she's bow legged In the middle of rapping I drop the mic And have a stare down and jump in the crowd and start scrapping Kuniva and Kon Artis my nigga we get it cracking While the paramedics pick you up we on the side laughing [Chorus 1] [Kon Artis] Now this ain't funny so don't you dare laugh Shit can happen in him and yo' ass You can be touched don't think you can't Cause niggas ain't fucking around no more man [Repeat: x2] [Swifty McVay] The feds can't hold me, I hold feds I was born wit a dark ass cloud over my head Raining acid, you can't refrain from getting yo' ass kicked Cause you talk too much you ask for it I'm on some massive shit, everybody ignore me They wouldn't fuck with me if I was performing at an orgy These niggas get confronted, then they change stories I touch you then they thinking everything is hunky dory I even have you pour me the gasoline for me Pulling up slowly, cocktailin' your homie You met a lot of niggas which you wouldn't want to know me Yo' ass might not even make it home wit your rollie Don't even try, in your system like e coli Trying to beef with me, nigga please yo' people die I'm so wicked that my mama gave birth illegally I survived the abortion immediately, surprise! ah! [Eminem] Picture me sitting in a jail cell rotting Or barricaded in a motel wit twelve shotguns So when the cops come knocking each hand's got one Cocked, ready to dump slugs heavy as shot puts One man army, guns can't harm me Young and army, worse than my Uncle Ronnie Ever since I got my first gun pulled on me I can't stop carrying out my dirty laundry Middle fingers flipped and censorship Your friends just flipped over the swift penmanship Ever since I spit some shit on Infinite I been giving it a hundred and ten percent Cause when I'm bent most of my energy's spent on enemies Eighty percent of what I invent is innocent Twenty percent is from being hungry as sin Ten's because I love being under your skin Yeah shit can happen, so stick to rapping Quit the yapping or I'ma lift the mack and That can lead to another mishap happening Skip the crap get the can of whoopass cracking [Chorus] [Eminem] It can and it will (nigga) Fuck around with Amityville and you DIE Insanity spills from the mentality of twelve motherfuckers in six different bodies With their personalities split Fucking you up wit hit after hit Sticking you up with clip after clip Making you suck dick after dick Dirty motherfucking dozen The Kon Artis, motherfucking Peter S. Bizarre, Swifty McVay, the Kuniva Dirty father fucking Harry Putting you down in a cemetery, you get buried All you of you motherfuckers suck our motherfucking cocks We are not playing, we are not playing We are not bullshitting, this is not a motherfucking joke