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Seventh Sign (Album Version)

Seventh Sign (Album Version)

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Artist: Europe
Genre: Pop


I've been sailin' 'cross the ocean With the devil by my side I've been flyin 'cross the great Blue sky But there's nowhere to hide I've been standin' by the crossroads I've been lookin' for a clue I've been prayin' for the Human race There´s not a lot I can do I've been waitin' for the warnin' As we look to the sky Now we all seem lost If you ask me why It's the seventh sign See the blood-red sky tonight It's the sevents sign See the blood-red sky There's a voice out on the wasteland It says we're runnin' out of time I used to think the world Could change Lord I must have been blind I've been cryin' out for mankind I've been hangin' on to faith But the comin' of a messenger Says it's much too late We could all come together And gather all around What good is war when we All go down