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Artist: Brad Paisley
Genre: Country


Let's all sing together, the Internet is forever! Here we go The Internet is forever! (The Internet is forever) Your grandmother's in an open casket You're in a suit and shades You take your iPhone out and snap it, #sadday You oughta be ashamed Posing in the bathroom mirror, in a skimpy little two piece In the background there's a toddler, cryin' on the toilet seat You oughta be ashamed, of your selfie Now why you gotta go and tweet it? When you really oughta just delete it Now we all want to unsee it but we can't You oughta be ashamed (but you're not) Spring Breakin' in Daytona, in the middle of a keg stand It's all fun and games 'til your daddy follows you on Instagram You oughta be ashamed (that's right) of your selfie, (the Internet is forever) You oughta take that stick and break it in half Show a little sense, show a little class You took it of your face but you know you're really showing your ass Go on and take one at the Grand Canyon Or if you get to meet Ringo Starr But if you're texting some girl that you just met Pictures of your little Brett Favre You oughta be ashamed of your selfie (the Internet is forever) You oughta be ashamed of your selfie (the Internet is forever) Let's all sing together, the Internet is forever Come on you oughta know better, the Internet is forever Making out with your professor, the Internet is forever Naked with an Irish setter, the Internet is forever Smoking in your third trimester, the Internet is forever He said his name was Heather, the Internet is forever Can that T-Shirt get any wetter? (the Internet is forever) Where the hell d'you get that sweater? (the Internet is forever) amen