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Right Hand 2 God

Right Hand 2 God

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I put my right hand to God Shine on these broads Stay on my job, grind with my squad Hundred racks on my car, no license at all No tint on that thing, nigga, 'cause that's how we ball All these fuck niggas' flawed, suckas' and frauds My circle so small, stick to my script and just ball First, I pick up my bitch, and we shut down the mall Had to pick up the tip, she tried to pay for it all Bring some Yac' with my plate, garlic noodles and steak Bouncin' out the ballet, with all these tats' on my face People looking like, "hey!", black nigga' stay in your place But it's some shit they gon' think, and it's some shit they gon' say Got to a brick from an eighth See that music's my fate Switched it out from out my trunk, went to the top of my state And I Versace'd my waist, like 2Pac in his hey' Brian Williams, how I built this All Money Estate, quote I put my right hand to God I put my right hand to God Put my right hand to Jesus Fly like a eagle Fight with these demons, shine light on my people This life is a free throw, success is a kilo My wife is a c-note, but my mistress is Creole I sip on that Clicquot, while I'm banging that Z-Ro Ghetto nigga' like Cheeto's, that got more famous than Cee-lo Turn legit from illegal, just like Pesci in Casino Get JS off of prole, watch him blow up like C-4 I rose from a Regal, Auroras and Lincoln's Low-pros on Alpina's, to German drop-top two seaters Was young and prestigious, phone was matching my beeper "How the fuck you gon' reach him?", he makin' more than his teachers Movin' forward with speed, all your morals'll leave Only focus is cheese, now the forest is trees Got infected with greed, distort what you see Your worst nightmare than me, is justifying your means Hold up! Put my right hand to God I put my right hand to God