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Artist: Miguel


Razor blade a heart string Who you tryna fix now? Broken record left on repeat Another buildup to the let down, the let down Steady speedin' to a new pain Tragic collision on the 110 And I wish that you would slow down 'Cause maybe then you'd see it comin' I'm sayin' Have you, you ever (Have you ever, ever) Ever fucked with a real nigga (yeah) Real ass nigga before? I know you're so tired of Feeling like you deserve better You need a real ass nigga like me, yeah Like me, baby Oh, right now Yeah, yeah Empty chapters, pages torn Hanging on to every word Tequila shots to balance all the sweetest lies, yeah they can burn How long were you waiting? Will you take me 'fore you give up Bones are meant to break in here Hearts are meant to break in love (You) way too smart for this (You) but your problem is (You) you don't know better, babe (You) you're so much better, babe (You) runnin' to the darkness, but you lookin' for the light Searchin' through the city for what's been here all this time Babe, I love you You are fire (Have you ever done and done and done) Ever fuck with a real nigga A real ass nigga before? You wasted time searchin' But we both know that you deserve better You need a real ass nigga like me, yeah Love me, baby Oh, babe Respect you too much not to be one hundred with you You deserve the world and me running with you You know we always been connected I ain't perfect Baby, you should always feel protected I'm saying Have you, have you ever Ever had a real man, baby? You ever had a real man like me? And I know you I know you searchin', baby You know you deserve, you deserve better You deserve better, ooh (Have you, you ever) Ooh (Ever fuck with a real nigga) Yeah I can keep it one hundred with you, oh yeah (A real ass nigga before) With someone like me (I know you keep searchin') ('Cause you know that you deserve better) (Need a real ass nigga like me, yeah) For real, though