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Puppets (The First Snow)

Puppets (The First Snow)

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Genre: Metal


I've died one million times now I'm buried in the pavement. Lying face down, everything went black before I even closed my eyes And you will never know what hate is To feel your insides burn away and want to end your life to numb the fucking pain So let the first snow fall And bury me under 6 feet of regret You've got your trophy now leave me to my hate with no regrets I am the deepest shade of Jaded This is a love song, a threnody for these years of worthless waste And now my hatred's all I fucking have left I've never had the words to say, but I can quote them all I am human and I need to be loved just like everybody else does So Morrissey please sing me to sleep As I live and breathe you have killed me, you have killed me I'm not your puppet, so cut the strings and free me from your hands Get fucking over me My fucking pain is my paycheck This is where it all begins Two EP's and a full length later and I still can't let go of you Precision with incision is a tedious remark With all the visions of submission of the fibers in your heart Penetration validation for as sick as it may seem Is all a morbid demonstration of what helps me to sleep Fuck your pretty face I'm not your puppet.