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Artist: CocoRosie


Open hearted as a heart can be 'Cause we all a ruin like broken leaves I give you me in oceans of tearz up to my knees Stitched together like pants and sleeves I carry this carapace worn thin by he and she Danced to dust and dusk and Strung along the highway I found my way belligerent Following the stars of your eyes Promise me that you'll cherish This tarnished offering And if you take me inside And you give me a place to hide and cry I'll bathe you in the crystal light That sleeps between my thighs A times you fear the angle's sigh To the lord and heavens that is aint right But in this chalice you'll fine the wine Our hands hold bonfires burning bright And the heart is dumb and the heart is blind But I think you'll find that the lord is kind And I pray you'll cherish this tarnished offering Burnt silver brushed lavender offspring Burnt silver brushed lavender offspring Sprung from me when first we kissed You held me quietly a rush purged me of my past Opened a desert of diamonds vast glinting and a tiny chorus Of swallows, swung open the door freed the caged bees And wallows, swarm geometric patterns on the sun Eclipse new moon Tempt my werewolf not to run