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Plastic Jesus

Plastic Jesus

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Artist: High Valley
Genre: Country


Bouncin' on the dashboardBoppin' to the beat To every bump in the road Every hole in the street Bought him at the Walmart Got 'em on sale The last one sittin' there dusty on the shelf It's just a tiny figurine But are we missin' what it means We got crosses on our necks Bibles in hand When the sun comes out We make our own plans We pull him out when we need him Put him back when we're done Ain't no way to treat god's only son If we only wanna hear him When his words will please us Then we might as well be prayin' to a Plastic Jesus Ol' Miss Jackson At the end of the block She built her life Upon that rock Everyday of the week She walks that walk And when she goes to speak The spirit talks It do us some good to heed that warning It ain't just about Sunday morning Lord, knows we'd be better off If we could just surrender all