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Places You Will Go

Places You Will Go

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You could have stepped into the top of the water poles Into the wells of the shimmer love She's gonna drive you to the shores But you don't know who you are I tell her take your time now You're gonna take, take your time Walking through the city of too many roads When I don't know how to walk Staring all the pretty lights Get off it starts feeling right Places you will go It can be shiny, tiny, stranger wandering And if you don't wanna ride It's gonna get a little lonely, that's right The only thing you need to feel Should have ? Bla, bla, bla, bla, bla Been talking so talking but you don't wanna hear It's one of the seasons, let me try, trying to find Put the trouble ? Get out, get out the world you came Places you will go All the places you can go It's so simple now Feels like we don't want anyone Put your head down on my shoulder I can turn, we can turn to the places we know I can turn, we can turn to the places we know Turn in time and find some