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People Live Here

People Live Here

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Artist: Rise Against


My God is better than yours And the walls of my house are so thick I hear nothing at all I followed you out in the storm But it carried you off And I burned every picture of yours Was that not enough? My gun is bigger than yours So let's arm the masses And see what the bastards do then Walking tall once set us apart Now we're down on all fours Do you cry my name in the dark Like I do yours? These storms are getting stronger now Trusses all bend and sway Lightning hits, the power goes out in the fray As the waves crash high And the shoreline disappears I will scream to the sky "Hey, people live here." My dreams are not unlike yours They long for the safety And break like a glass chandelier But there's laughter and oh there is love Just past the edge of our fears And there's chaos when push comes to shove But it's music to my ears May you be in Heaven before the Devil knows you're dead May these winds be always at your back 'Cause when we're all just ghosts And the madness overtakes us We will look at the ashes And say, People lived here From the penthouse to the holy martyr Sea to shining sea From the coffins full of kindergartners Is this what you call free? From the hate that drips from all your crosses Are your hands so clean? And the wildfire and it's spreading far From sea to shining sea When we're all just ghosts And the madness overtakes us I will scream to the sky, yeah I'll scream to the sky Yeah I'll scream to the sky Hey, people live here