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Opening Up

Opening Up

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Artist: Keala Settle


Jenna! What's the special pie today? Uh, deep shit blueberry bacon Deep shit? Ye- uh, dish! Deep dish. Sorry, Cal! C'mon, girl The day starts like the rest we've seen Another carbon copy of an old routine Days keep coming One out, one in They keep coming And make the coffee strong enough to chew! I don't know what I wish I had But there's no time now for thinking things like that We've got too much to do Too much to do All these same things We're always Opening up Letting the day in Over a cup We'll say "hello, how ya been?" Looking around Seeing the same things Every day brings "Hello, how ya been?" "Thank you, come again!" Some things never change I wouldn't call this place a happy end But I been 'round the block and just came back again A small town like ours ain't much But sometimes home is where your ass ends up Order up! Ordered up is how the day will find me Everything in its place and time And I like the way most of the days look exactly the same Order up! Check the clock Tick, tick tock Don't stop! Serve with a smile! Hurry up, fill the coffee cup And then in a while Take a breath when you need to be reminded that with days like these We can only do the best we can 'Til we do it again Come on, move it now! Opening up Letting the day in Opening up Some things never change "Hello, how ya been?" "Thank you, come again!" Some things never change