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Now's The Time

Now's The Time

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Genre: Jazz


Why don't you come over 'bout a quarter to nine Bring all of your fam'ly and I will bring mine If I should bring my brothers, and you bring the others Then I can sing a song like Jeru, just for you Just for all the lovely people that you see in the road We'll sing them a song in Jeruvian mode If I can have a pref'rence, I'll even make ref'rence To why you write a song like Jeru, just for you Then if you'd be kind enough to tell me why you write these extended bridges can it be romance that always haunts me in my reverie? So why not come on over 'bout a quarter to eight If you can come early I'll never be late And now you're all invited, I hope you're delighted To sing a little song like Jeru, just for you just for me too Gather around, tale to be told Maybe it's new, maybe it's old, listen my friend Blowin' away, doin' alright Plain' all day, workin' all night, listen again Movin' along, coverin' ground Singin' the song, lovin' the sound, listen and then blow together birds of a feather Out playin' the blues and "I Got Rhythm" All at once a moment came without a warning Got so hot we had to cool it Go for glory, tell you the story Out payin' our dues until we found we were assisting at an unexpected borning 'twas the birth of the Cool So now I can tell you why I'm always Trying to tell you, listen, come with me, New York, and we're together in my reverie So why don't you come over 'bout a quarter to two Forget all the others, just me and just you And while we're versifying We'd better start trying To write another song just for me Just for you, one more Jeru