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No Nose Job

No Nose Job

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[Dr Cook] Ruth, send in the next patient [Chorus x4] Dodio-doe, there'll be no nose job Said dodio-doe, no nose job (smarter than that) [Baby D/Humpty-Hump] People say, yo Humpty now that your records is sellin Ain't it about time for you to be bailin out Of the race and community you come from Yo, your face has gotta change, Hump! Ice Cube says you're making more than Donald Trump So yo, go on and get your nose fixed, Hump Dr: Sit down HH: Wait a minute, uh-uh Dr: Get in the chair [Humpty-Hump] Listen, now the black girl wants to get her lip tucked She says Doc, I want my slim hips so I'm a slim figure The white girl says my hips are not big enough And yo, Doc, inject the collagen and make my lips bigger All of these so-called celebrities Sellin millions of records and claimin no responsibilities A young girl sees you on a TV show She's only six, says "Mama, I don't like my nose!" Why'd you have to go and mess up the child's head So you can get another gold waterbed?! You fakehaircontactwearinliposuction carnival exhibit Listen to my rhyme, you need to hear it [Chorus] [Humpty-Hump] Uh, and you don't stop, check it I smell the message from the TV Does my Humpty nose deceive me? Smells like the blacker the wacker Polly wants to be a cracker, if you let her But see for me, the bigger the nose the better They say the lighter the righter Oh yeah?! Well, that's tough Sometimes I feel I'm not black enough I'm high yellow, my nose is brown to perfection And if I was to change it'd be further in that direction So catch me on the beach, I'll be gettin a tan Make sure there's no mistake that Humpty-Hump is from the motherland Layin in the sun, string bikini Between the buns of two cuties Still mackin, there'll be no nose job [Chorus] [Baby D] Come on, Humpty, let's get out of here Dr: Hi, Humpty. My name is Dr Cook, I'll be handlin your surgery today HH: Uh, surgery?! Ain't no surgery, said I don't want none ­ Dr: Yeah, but you're gonna be a big star HH: Star? Look I'm already a star ­ Dr: A huge star, kid HH: y'all don't understand, man ­ Dr: Big, really big! HH: So what, I don't want to ­ Dr: Yeah, get his legs HH: Put me down, put me down! Dr: Come on, Humpty, don't worry about a thing, don't worry about it HH: No, no! Dr: Calm down, you're going to be fine.. HH: Hey! Dr: Come on, sedative (sedative)..scalpel (scalpel) HH: Sedative! Scalpel! Dr: Knife (knife), Gauze pad (gauze), and gimme a little tape (tape) Dr: Okay, he'll be alright..don't worry about it HH: [gibberish] Nr: You're falling asleep, Mr Humpty..