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My Way Back

My Way Back

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Artist: High Valley
Genre: Country


Momma put a bible in my glove box And a hot homemade apple pie in the passenger seat She said "you'll always be my baby" She planted a kiss and a couple of tears on my cheek Dad slipped me some traveling cash through a map with it highlighted right on the dash And I realized as I look back... that They weren't just saying goodbye They weren't just seeing me off They were just making sure I don't forget where I'm from Momma loved and daddy worked They lived their lives just to make sure I know My way back home I can still smell momma's kitchen Feel every single prayer she says for me I can point these wheels towards that sunset Without a fear, without a doubt, daddy said "go get that dream" I left behind a pie crumb trail just in case I get lost, fall flat or fail And if the wind should lead my sail My way back to the door that's always open To the light that's always on To the love that's always waiting after being good too long Way too long